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We will meet with you to listen to what you want to accomplish with your dog.  Our purpose is to support you in creating goals that are achieveable and measureable. Having realistic goals is the taproot of all else when training your puppy or dog.


In the same session we will then help you develop a personalized plan for meeting your goals.  This could range from a 2-week plan to a 6-month plan.  The plan might include classes, board & train recommendations, and/or practice exercises that you can do at home on your own.


Your personalized Training Plan will then be emailed to you after we give it a good final review and add any other helpful tips to help you and your dog be successful.


Phone consultations for Training Plans can also be arranged though we prefer to meet you in person.


*Meeting Locations are determined based on individual need*


**Training Plan Session is highly recommended for clients doing Individual Classes**

Training Plan Session

Developing a Training Plan is a smart choice for you!

Training Plan Session

1hr 15min -- $99