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Indoor amenities - Rubber coated floors. Anti-microbial wall covering. All access from play areas to outside have at least 2 doors at a minimum before the dogs reach outside.  


Outdoor amenities - Astro-turf over solid surface.  6ft fencing. Pools during the warmer months.  Cleaned daily with pet disinfectant.


Staff - Two weeks of hand on training with management before being alone with a group.  Pet CPR trained.  We have 1 caretaker watching 10 dogs, ratio 10:1.  There is never a time the dogs are unsupervised.


The capacity of Johnson St - 40.  20/room with 10 resting, 10 playing.  We rotate every two hours.


The capacity of Park St - 60.  20/room with 10 resting, 10 playing.  We rotate every two hours.




Start your dog off on the right paw - be one of the first in the building on your dog’s first day.


Day in the life - Your dog will arrive and be taken by the front desk staff to one of our play area to start their day.  We have a rotating 2 hour break schedule starting at 7am going until 3pm.  Your dog will get equal play to rest time depending on their energy level, and lunch needs.  We allow them to be dogs, to do their thing while the staff is just there to love, and supervise them.  At the end of the day the caretakers will be happy to go over their entire day from start to finish.  Every dog gets a report card each time they are in the building emailed to the parents before pick-up time so we can go over it if needed.

Our daycare is for all dogs, so bring your puppies too! Minimum age of 10 weeks.

Bringing your dog to daycare for the first time...

  •  Puppies must be 10 weeks to attend daycare

  •  Dogs 6 months or older must be spayed / neutered

  •  Must have vaccinations: Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies

  •  Proof of vaccinations

  •  Negative fecal test results


***NEW? Our new friends must be dropped off by 7AM on their first day***




Requirements for Daycare

You and your dog's needs are our priority

You and your dog’s needs are of the utmost importance to us. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs, that’s why we have a high percentage of new customers come from referrals.

Call now: 608-515-8255

Daycare Rates Reservation Rules/Regulation
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