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By Doghaus University, Jun 1 2017 02:38PM

Five Lessons Doggy Daycare can Teach Your Puppy

If you have welcomed a new puppy into your home, this can be a fun time for your family and your newest addition. While you might want to be with your puppy all the time, if you work, there might be weekdays where your puppy will either be left at home, or can partake in doggy daycare. Here are five reasons doggy day care can be a true benefit for your puppy when it comes to the lessons they can learn along the way.

1. Learning to Play With Other Dogs

A great thing about dog daycare is the exposure that dogs can get with their peers. Especially for a puppy, younger dogs can learn social cues from other dogs. This can be a great asset for your dog to take with them as they grow up and will have future interactions with other dogs at the beach, the dog park, or on family trips. This can help take away and anxiety or aggression that can form around other dogs if your puppy doesn’t benefit from this exposure.

2. Minding Other People

While you are your dog’s owner, it doesn’t hurt for your pup to be around other people taking the place of an authority figure giving commands. If your puppy is comfortable with basic commands such as sit and come from others, this will make dog sitting easier in the future. This training will better prepare your puppy for other interactions such as the vet’s office or future pet sitters that might need to have control over your dog at one point or another.

3. Time to be Social and Active

Doggy daycare can be more than just a place to keep your dog safe. Ongoing exercise and activities will start your puppy’s life-long health out in the right way. The first few years of your puppy’s life can set the tone when it comes to their activity level and expectations. If they get started on the right foot with a good dose of exercise and stimulation, they will be more active and alert into their older years. If you can do your part during the weekends and evenings and keep up an active lifestyle, your dog will stay more healthy.

4. Lessening Separation Anxiety

Some breeds of dogs are known to become more attached to their owners than other dogs, making it difficult for some pups to be left home alone or with others. Regardless of what type of dog your puppy is, the sooner they are around other people and dogs, the faster they can become at ease with others even if you aren’t around. While you will always be your dog’s favorite, doggy daycare can make them more social and confident if they can trust and be around others when they have to.

5. Learning Tricks and Commands

While most dogs will pick up on simple commands such as come and stay, other dogs might flourish at daycare and learn other games and commands. Some dogs relish in the activity and attention, making their learning curve a fast one. While you can always work on new skills with your puppy when you have time, they might pick up on other skills at doggy daycare from being in a learning environment with skilled professionals and other dogs.

While you might feel guilty going to work while your dog is still a puppy, a great compromise is to get them into doggy daycare. This can offer so much more than just give you peace of mind during the day. Contact us so that your puppy can learn social skills and how to be a good dog. These are building blocks that can set up the rest of your dog’s life, benefiting both for your puppy and your family.

By Doghaus University, May 22 2017 03:05PM

Dog Grooming For Pets That Hate Brushing, Petting

Is your home covered in pet hair because your cat or dog refuses to let you brush them outside? If your pets are biting the brush when you get it out and do not allow you to remove shedding hair, there is some hope. Part of getting to the bottom of the issue is also understanding what experts say about pets that hate grooming. To learn more about the next step beyond trying mitts, scrubbers, curry combs and other deshedding gloves for pets by yourself, keep reading.

Why pets do not like to get groomed

Children with long hair that were groomed by a parent know all too well that if someone else brushes your hair, they inevitably pull too hard. The same is true with pets, and they learn early on that we can make them feel uncomfortable when we groom them with the wrong tools. Pets are intelligent, and they soon start to identify the brush as their enemy. For this reason, if they start to attack the brush before you even start grooming them, consider a few tips to get the pets relaxed.

Getting pets in the right state of mind for grooming

When a pet is irritated or bored, they are less likely to want to be annoyed by a brush. For example, choosing to groom your pet in the hours before they usually go to the bathroom will be less effective. Hungry pets will also be less likely to want to be brushed because their minds are focused on the time you feed them every day. After they go to the bathroom and have a full belly, the next step is to tire them out a little bit. To burn off extra energy with a dog, take a long walk. For cats, having fun with a laser pointer for 30 minutes usually gets them feeling sleepy. As animal whisperer Cesar Milan says, a tired pet is usually a well-behaved pet.

Consequences of not removing excess hair from pets

Unfortunately, not removing excess hair from a pet does more than cause your clothes, furniture and floors to be filled with fur balls. Sadly, in some situations, excess hair can end up being consumed by the pet through their own grooming. These hairballs can end up in the intestinal tract and require surgery to remove. One other major issue is the matted hair causing skin issues because the area under the mat cannot be cleaned. This can also cause unsavory parasites to hatch and the maggots can cause severe damage to the skin of the animal.

Solutions for the pet that bites the brush

Using brushes and other combs might not work for your pet, and they will tell you that this is not the grooming option they prefer. If you feel like you are running out of choices, consider a new take on several old ideas. For example, it is understood that to remove loose hair, a device with bristles needs to be used. In order to keep pets from identifying the object as a potentially threatening brush, gloves are a good disguise. Another objective is to have a grooming tool that does not rip out matted hair when it is encountered. Despite combining all three of these objectives, there will still be some pets that need help from pros.

Do not worry if your pet simply hates being petted or groomed

Although it can seem impossible to believe, there are several scientific studies that have confirmed that some pets feel very stressed out when their owners want to pet or hug them. In cats, not wanting to be petted in certain areas is a sign of poor health. Dogs, on the other hand, can often feel threatened if they feel like they are trapped. This was exemplified in a study published in 2016 that proved most dogs do not like to get hugged. For these reasons, as long as the animal is not in poor health, they could simply be miserable any time they are groomed and need a pro groomer to help with the situation.

Let us help your pet get over their fear of grooming

Are you ready to turn your pet’s grooming experience into something that is enjoyable for everyone? Our number one priority is to help you have the best experience with your pet. We use techniques that are safe to help you assist your pet with being groomed. To get some help grooming your pet, give us a call at Doghaus University today!

By Doghaus University, May 15 2017 02:09PM

4 Easy Ways to Know You Have Picked The Perfect Pet Sitter

Leaving your beloved cat or dog, the furry friend who has become a very important part of your family, with a stranger is no small matter. Understandably, if you are like most pet moms or dads, you'll find it quite difficult to leave your pet with someone else for a few days, especially if this is your first time doing it. But when you can know for sure that you have left your pet in the hands of someone truly exceptional, it definitely helps you have greater peace of mind. So how can you be sure you do have the best pet sitter for your pet? In this post, we will take a look at four ways you can know that you found the right sitter for your cat or dog.

They Are Passionate About Animals: Dogs are delightfully weird, wacky, playful creatures that we truly are blessed to have as our friends and pets. If you are going to leave your lovable furry friend with a stranger, you obviously want to know without a shadow of a doubt that that person is a true dog lover. It shouldn't just be someone who pet sits because that's their job and they are looking to make a few extra bucks. It needs to be someone who you can tell very easily loves animals and caring for them. When your pet first meets the person, observe their interaction? Is your dog receptive to the person? Does your dog seem to take an immediate liking to them? And does that person seem like a warm, caring, and empathetic individual? These are good signs that this is a person who is passionate about animals.

They Are Educated: While a pet sitter clearly isn't the same as a veterinarian and doesn't need the same kind of education, the pet sitter still needs to have a pretty impressive knowledge of animals. Do they have some pet-sitting training and experience? Do they know about the different animal breeds and their needs? And are they prepared to handle emergency situations? Don't be afraid to ask the pet sitter about their experience with animals, their training, and any credentials they have.

The Environment They Provide is Right For Your Pet: Unfortunately, some pet sitters and doggie day care centers do not provide the sort of warm, safe environment needed for your pet to be happy. When you visit the environment that the pet sitter is providing, take note of everything you see. Is the area clean and well-organized? Do other pets there seem content and well taken care of? Is there plenty of room for your pet to get some outdoor exercise, play, and be walked? When you visit the center where your pet may be staying for a few days, it is a good idea to bring them along with you so they too can get a sense of whether or not it is the right environment for them.

You (And Your Pet) Can Trust Them: Trust is the most fundamentally important part of any relationship, including the relationship between your pet and the person who will be watching them. The pet sitter should be able to prove that they have a secure facility for your pet that will keep them protected and will ensure they can't run away. You'll want to ask the pet sitter if they have a plan in place should your pet get anxious while they are away from you. Ask the pet sitter what they will do in this situation and what their protocol is.

Looking for more advice on ways to pick the perfect pet sitter? Keep reading our blog posts or contact us today!

By Doghaus University, May 8 2017 06:07PM

3 Ways That Dog Day Care Makes Your Life Easier

When you are first considering a dog day care center for your furry friend and are reading about the many benefits that they have to offer, you will probably notice that most of the benefits are related to the positive experience your dog will have. However, as important as these benefits are, it should also be noted that doggie day care centers offer lots of benefits for you too. In this post, we will take a look at the top three benefits of day care for your dog and how it makes your life easier.

You Don't Have to Worry About What Your Dog is Doing When They Are Alone: Whether you live alone and work a 9-5 job or you have a family that is all either in school or working, your busy schedule makes it very tough for anyone to regularly check in on the family dog. When your lovable furry friend is left at home for hours on end all alone, they can very well end up feeling lonely and getting themselves into mischief. Instead of worrying about the possibility of your pet getting into trouble or making a mess in the house, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are in the hands of a caring, professional pet sitter. Not only that, your dog will be surrounded by other furry friends, thus eliminating any chance of loneliness or bad behavior caused by loneliness.

You Don't Have to Disrupt Your Day: Obviously, if you have a pet in the house, you can't leave him or her alone all day long without any bathroom breaks. When you don't have dog day care to rely on, you have to find the time throughout the day to return home and take your dog out for a walk and a bathroom break several times a day. Or you have to find someone who you trust to come into your home, walk your dog, and repeat this every day, multiples times a day. But if you take your dog to a day care center, you will never again have to worry about getting your dog out of the house to take care of their bathroom needs when a professional is watching your canine pal. Plus, you will no longer need to face daily interruptions at work, school, or wherever else you are.

You Can End up Savings Lots of Time (And Money): The less you have to worry about rushing home from work right after five or spending your lunch break heading back to the house to take your dog out, the more spare time you will have. Instead of focusing all of your time and energy on making sure you can pencil in slots to take your dog out for a walk or a bathroom break, you can direct your attention toward other more pressing matters. Not only will you end up saving a substantial about of time, dog day care can actually end up being an affordable investment. Plenty of day care centers offer attractive rates that aren't nearly as expensive as many pet owners assume. By taking your dog to the day care center everyday instead of hiring a private, individual pet sitter or dog walker, you can actually save a decent amount of money on your pet care needs.

Want to know more about the many other benefits that dog day care has to offer? Or are you need in some other pet sitting service? Don't hesitate to contact us today! Our team is comprised of passionate, highly trained pet professionals who care for our clients' pets as if they were their own.

By Doghaus University, May 8 2017 06:04PM

Getting A Chihuahua To Accept Doggy Daycare

You love your weird little chihuahua like a member of the family, but you know how difficult they can be in many situations. Chihuahuas are loving but extremely tense. They can be friendly but also aggressive. They often fit in well with other dogs but try to be the boss.

As a result, trying to get your little friend to fit in at a doggy daycare setting might seem like an impossibility. Thankfully, we're here to say that it's not. We've taken care of plenty of these cute little energetic guys and we know tricky it can be to get them to accept daycare.

That's why we're offering these simple tips for getting your chihuahua ready for daycare. They are simply enough for most dog owners to do on their own but are very effective.

Understanding Their Tension

Before bringing your chihuahua to a doggy daycare center, you need to understand what makes them tense and nervous. There are three main reasons a dog feels anxious and struggles to fit in with others: frustration, boredom, and excessive energy.

A chihuahua is often a very frustrated dog because they are so small and often afraid of their surroundings. They are also easily bored and can act very strange without someone to entertain them.

The most problematic situation with a chihuahua is their pent-up energy. They are very small, but hyper, dogs that often struggle to enjoy cold weather and even hot weather elements.

As a result, they often spend much of their life indoors and feeling trapped. All that excessive energy often translates to anxiety and a difficulty fitting in with other dogs.

Managing These Problems Carefully

Start by assessing your chihuahua's frustration with their surroundings. What causes your Chi to snap out at you or act aggressively? For example, maybe they don't like excessive petting or spending time away from their favorite bed.

These problems need to be carefully understood and managed by using behavior adjustment. Reward them when they behave properly and scold them when they are bad. This adjustment can get them ready to behave properly in a daycare center.

Boredom can be managed by giving your chihuahua something to do. Toys often entertain Chis for hours at a time. The best way to kill their boredom and drain some of their excessive energy is to play with them for at least an hour every day.

Get them to chase a toy or chase them around the house to and burn that anxiety and energy. Doing this before a doggy daycare visit can help make them calmer and ready to face a new situation.

Understand "Small Dog Aggression"

Why is the chihuahua the most likely dog to bite a human or another dog? Fear. The aggression of the chihuahua is what is known as “small dog aggression.” Chihuahuas understand how small they are and seeing large people or dogs looming over them is terrifying. As a result, they often nip or even attack people or other dogs in fear.

That doesn't mean that a chihuahua can't be friendly and sociable. Far from it! By carefully getting your pup used to a daycare center, you can get them ready to stay there regularly. Introduce them to their handlers and the dogs they'll spend time with, and you'll quickly find they are enjoying their stay their more fully.

Get The Help You Need

While you should be able to successfully prepare your chihuahua by following these steps, there's a chance they might resist your help. If your stubborn little pup simply doesn't listen, please don't hesitate to contact us today for some professional dog care help.

We can help get your dog ready for doggy daycare and introduce them to a loving and happy family. They'll appreciate the care you've taken to comfort them and get them used to this environment, and may even stop behaving like little shaky goofballs long enough to enjoy their daycare experience.

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