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Why Choose Dog Haus University's Pet Day Care?

By Doghaus University, Jul 9 2017 08:52PM

Why Choose Dog Haus University's Pet Day Care?

At Dog Haus University, we understand that dogs are so much more than pets. They come into your life, warm your hearts, and truly become part of the family. We also know that no one likes leaving their fur babies home alone when they go to work. While there's nothing your dog loves more than spending the day with you, at Dog Haus University, we offer the next best thing. Our pet daycare provides the perfect opportunity for you to give your dog a day of fun and attention when you can't physically be there with them.

One is a Lonely Number

Dogs are pack animals. They're very loyal to and dependent on their human parents for attention and affection. No dog likes to be alone, to feel abandoned. That's what makes doggy daycare so great. Your dog gets to spend his or her day playing with other dogs and receiving loving attention and belly rubs from friendly staff until you're available to come pick them up. Your dog will always miss you, but they'll have a much better day surrounded by staff that genuinely care about them, and other playful pups, than they would if they were home alone.


You're a puppy parent, and much like regular parents, you worry about your baby. You want your fur baby to be safe, cared for, and protected at all times. It's only natural to feel concern creep up into your mind when you're not there to look after them, but you can quiet your doubts and fears when you bring your pup to Dog Haus University because we go out of our way to ensure your dog is well cared for, constantly supervised, and 100% safe at all times. Your dog won't spend one minute unsupervised. Our trained staff members are there with your dog from the beginning of the day all the way until the moment you pick them up. We even go the extra mile to ensure your dogs receive the best possible care by training all of our staff members in pet CPR. Our facilities were also designed for maximum security and protection. Your pup has no chance of getting outside unless he's taken there for play time. There are two doors separating the indoor play area from all outdoor areas to ensure no one slips outside by accident. During outdoor play time, all dogs are surrounded by 6ft tall fences. Even the best jumpers won't be able to vault over that.

Exercise is Important

Just like us, dogs need exercise and mental stimulation to remain healthy and happy. If they spend their days lounging around with nothing to do, they'll grow weary and bored, and that will start to take its toll on their mental state and physical health. At Dog Haus University, we make sure your pet has plenty of activities to keep their mind and body active. Don't worry though, we won't exhaust them. We know that as much fun as playing is, rest is equally important, so we do allow for nap times as well. Play time and relaxation time are split equally depending on your dog's energy level. We don't want to wear the dogs out, but we do want them to use up that energy and have a fun, playful day while they're in our facility. Our play areas are designed to be extremely comfortable, with rubber flooring inside and astroturf outside. We even provide pools for the pups to splash around in during the hot summer months. The pools are always cleaned with pet disinfectant to ensure that your dog stays clean and healthy.

At Dog Haus University, we understand that your pet is your world. We do our very best each and every day to give your dog an experience that we would want for our own furry family members. We provide a report card for each and every visit and are happy to go over your dog's day from start to finish when you pick him up. There's not a moment that goes by when we don't know exactly where your dog is and what he's up to. We're there from the moment they walk in until the moment you pick them up, and we enjoy every second of it. If you're looking for a safe environment with staff that is both knowledgeable and has a true passion for dogs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon.

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