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What to Do When Your Puppy Hates Grooming

By Doghaus University, Aug 2 2017 07:41PM

What to Do When Your Puppy Hates Grooming

Whether you break out that brush at home and your otherwise happy, friendly puppy runs for the hills or you get to the groomer and they just straight up refuse to go in, if your puppy hates grooming, then this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Dogs need grooming to stay healthy and to maintain that luscious fur that we love to touch. Like all things, good grooming habits begin in puppyhood, and if your puppy already hates to be groomed, the struggle is only going to get harder as they grow.

Finding Out Why They Are Scared

When a puppy runs away once you get that brush out or doesn't want to go into the groomer's, there is a reason for it. This is a display of fear, anxiety, or stress. The first thing you should do is make sure that this is not because of a physical condition. When your puppy has an ear infection or inflamed joints, the act of brushing and washing may actually be hurting them. As you will note the one moment you clip too far on their toe nails, after they remember that something hurts, they never want to do it again. This is why they cower and run.

If your puppy checks out in good health, the next likely culprit is the equipment that you or your groomer is using. Wire brushes may be awesomely efficient at removing shedding hair, but they are also pretty good at pulling your dog's hair or scratching the fragile skin underneath their coat if they are brushed too vigorously. Typically, this is the real issue, since the brush and the way they are brushed can end up painful and they no longer want to do it.

However, one final suspect is the experience they get while grooming. If you or your groomer is constantly wrestling with them or yelling at your puppy, it isn't going to help an already stressful situation. This is why groomers have harnesses so they don't need to wrestle, but that still doesn't mean it is much fun.

What to Do If Your Puppy Hates Grooming?

If your puppy is having a hard time with grooming at home, then it may actually be worthwhile to go try a professional dog groomer. They are trained to care for dogs and the really good ones will make it a fun experience for them. However, this doesn't mean you should completely give up on grooming your puppy at home. Instead, you should focus on making it a less stressful experience. Switch to a softer brush or try brushing more gently. When it comes to bath time or the dreaded nail trimming, don't wrestle with them, but rather try to make it a fun experience for them. After the initial painful experience, it will take some time to earn back the trust of your puppy, but it can be done. You just have to be willing to put in the effort to train your puppy so that they love the way that you groom them. It is hard, but possible.

However, if your puppy already hates their groomer, it may be best to try another service. Many dog groomers just hire teens for extra help, and they don't know much about giving the dog a good grooming experience. However, there are many dog groomers that take a dog's needs very seriously. If you are in the Madison area, you've lucked out! Doghaus University not only provides dog daycare and pet sitting, but we specialize in caring dog grooming as well. Contact us today to learn more about how we care for all your pup's needs.

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