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The Benefits of Overnight Pet Sitting

By Doghaus University, Jan 30 2017 05:19PM

The Benefits of Overnight Pet Sitting

Finding the perfect place to take care of your pet is a pretty daunting task. Even if it is just for one night, you can’t bear the thought of leaving your pet somewhere that they might spend an evening suffering from anxiety or even fear, but there is one place that is perfect for your pet – right in their own home. However, for most pets, you can’t just leave them in your house unattended. Dogs need to regularly go outside to relieve themselves and cats can get in all sorts of trouble when left to their own devices, but all pets need adequate attention.

However, if you want to keep your pet comfortable in their own home, you can reap the benefits by having a pet sitter. Unlike boarding facilities, pet sitters come to your home, or take your pets to theirs, so they can get one-on-one attention in a familiar environment.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Overnight Pet Sitter?

Routine – All pets love routine and thrive under it. Unlike humans who occasionally like the unknown, pets don’t. When their meals and walks are on time, they are happy. There are enough stressors on them when you are out of town, and a breach in routine shouldn’t add to that. Pet sitters are also a great option if your pet is on medication or has any special needs. Most kennels are usually pretty professional about addressing these things, but typically they have a lot of animals to care for. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. When a pet sitter accepts a job, they are dedicated to just your pet.

Familiar Environment - Your pet can’t tell you so, but they would much rather stay in a familiar environment. The sights, the sounds, the smells, they have all become comforting to them. When they can sleep in their own bed, walk their own halls, and play with their own toys, they are happy, even if it would be better if you were there with them. It is a much preferred setting to both pet and owner than being in some sterilized, white-washed kennel somewhere.

Security - Your pet is pretty good security while you are away, but it is even better when another person is there is assure everything is just fine. After all, a cat can’t dial 911 and a dog can’t lock the doors, unless they are a super special good boy or girl. Regardless, not only does a pet sitter offer someone to turn off the lights and have a human presence in your house, but they are also there to keep your pet company so they don’t get freaked out at every little bump in the night.

Illness Prevention – When you leave, it is a big old ball of stress for your pet to handle. Like in people, stress can compromise a pet’s immune system and it can cause them to get sick. When you place your pet in kennel, this ends up as a double whammy. Not only is your pet compromised by the stress, but there are a lot of other pets with a lot of other germs located right next door. By hiring an overnight pet sitter, the stress will probably still be there, but it will be lessened and you aren’t exposing them to any new germs.

Sold on getting a pet sitter? If you are in the Madison area, contact us today. Dog Haus University provides an array of pet sitting options including visits, stay-overs, and watching your pet in the home of one of our professionals. No matter what you think is right for your pet, we can provide so they stay safe and happy while you are away.

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