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Short Hairstyles for Your Pooch

By Doghaus University, Jun 12 2017 08:13PM

Short Hairstyles for Your Pooch

Most busy dog owners choose short haircuts over long cuts for their furry friends. The reason for this is because long hair requires a good amount of brushing each day and is higher maintenance. Long hair can easily get tangled and matted, so everyday brushing is necessary. And as your dog rolls around and digs outside, it is easier for him to get his fur mangled in dirt, leaves or debris.

Shorter haircuts have its benefits, not only for you but your dog as well. If your dog suffers from a skin condition, short hair is better because air exposure to the skin is beneficial. This also helps with summertime or in hotter temperatures. Short hair allows your dog’s skin to breathe and helps for cooling off. Whereas long hair blocks airflow and can trap moisture, which is not good for certain areas of your dog’s body. Long hair can block the ears or eyes and can lead to build-up, and the hair can get matted with gunk.

If you have decided on a short haircut for your furry friend, here are four different hairstyles to choose from:


Also known as the puppy cut, the kennel cut is sometimes the lowest maintenance hairstyle of all because it provides fast cuts, easier brushing, and less upkeep between trims. This hairstyle keeps your dog's hair the same length all over, and the cut is no more than two inches chopped off. Not only is this hairstyle practical, but it keeps a unified look when the hair grows out. If you go a bit longer without a trim, it is not as noticeable as other cuts.

Teddy Bear

The teddy bear cut is trending at the moment because this cute hairstyle makes your dog look cuddly and irresistible like a stuffed teddy bear. This teddy hairstyle, worn by more dogs these days, are popular with breeds like Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, and Yorkies. For this hairstyle, the cut keeps the body fur to your desired length, so you determine the shortness of the hair around the body. However, the legs and face are kept round and full, creating a cuddly plumpness like a stuffed bear. This cute hairstyle will give your pooch a lot of attention in public, but keep in mind it also requires more touch-ups.


For a similar cut to the teddy bear trim, the lamb cut provides that but goes shorter. This do is perfect for summertime because the cut around the body goes even shorter than the teddy bear cut. The legs and face are still kept a little fuller like the teddy bear trim as well, but the overall purpose of this cut is having the hair short. The benefits of this hairstyle over the teddy bear is that there is less upkeep, which is better for busy owners.

Very Short

Very-short cuts are the ultimate do for summertime. The trimmed fur takes off a lot of the weight from the dog's whole body, removing his blanket-of-hair off for better handling of the heat. If you prefer that your dog's head is kept fuller, you can mix this very short do with a different head style. For instance, take a kennel or teddy bear head trim and keep the whole body super short. The point of this hairstyle is providing your furry friend comfort in hot weather, allowing his skin to breathe.

Short haircuts have its benefits and are more sanitary for a busy lifestyle, but it's also important to pick a hairdo that works for you and your dog. For more information on the best haircut for your furry friend, contact us. We'll give your pooch the perfect treatment, providing a great makeover that will have your dog looking and feeling great.

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