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Managing Canine Stress By Visiting A Dog Sitting Center

By Doghaus University, Jul 6 2017 02:38PM

Managing Canine Stress By Visiting A Dog Sitting Center

Is your pup constantly stressed and you can't figure out why? There's a chance that they might need a little break in a dog sitting center. These centers can serve as an excellent release valve for stress in both you and your pup. Here's why you should consider one for your stressed-out best friend ever.

Signs Your Pup Is Stressed

Before assuming your dog is stressed, it is important to watch them for these simple symptoms. While not every dog will show the exact same signs, the following are typical of most dog breeds and easy to spot:

Pacing actions around your home

Staring at you regularly while excessively blinking

Pronounced whites in the eye

Tense grimaces caused by pulling back their lips

Yips, barks, whimpers, or even growls based on nothing

Quick startling behaviors, such as jumping at your voice

Hyperactivity or lack of movement

What stresses out dogs? There are many different influences. For example, they may simply miss you when you're gone or get bothered when new people visit. However, many dogs often suffer from a lack of socialization with their species which can cause agitation and frustration.

How Socialization In A Dog Sitting Center Can Help

Dog sitting gives your pup an excellent chance to engage in consistent socialization with their peers. While their relationship with you is vital and important, most dogs need a large social group that provides them with the chance to interact with many individuals.

Consistent socialization in one of the most important behaviors for a healthy dog. By integrating them with a dog sitting center, you provide them with the high-quality socialization they need to be happy and healthy and free from anxiety.

Other Benefits Of Dog Sitting

While dog sitting provides your canine friend with a myriad of socialization benefits, it also offers other advantages. Dog sitting is great for both you and your buddy in a variety of ways, a few of which we will outline below and then explain in greater detail beneath the list:

Gives them a break from you

Creates a new and fun environment

Improves their self-esteem

Eliminates separation anxiety

Boosts their physical health

Why is it a good idea to give your pup a break from you? Well, living together can be stressful and your pup may need an occasional break. More importantly, you may need to take some time off from them in order to appreciate them more fully.

That's why dog sitting is such a good choice for this action: it provides your pup with a new and fun environment. Once they are comfortable with a dog sitting center, your pup will love visiting their new friends. In this way, you can improve their self-esteem and also eliminate the nasty separation anxiety that can affect so many dogs of every age.

All of these benefits also help contribute to improved mental and physical health. At a dog sitting center, your pup will get regular exercise that will get them burning calories to feel much healthier. In this way, you can extend their life by making them healthier and happier than they may have been for a very long time.

As you can see, dog sitting can help not only eliminate anxiety in your pup but provide them with many excellent benefits. That's why you should contact us as soon as possible. We can set up a visit that gives you and your pup an insight into the whole dog sitting experience.

By visiting us ahead of time, you give your pup a chance to explore the center and meet our workers. It also gives them the chance to meet new doggy buddies. So don't hesitate to come on down and see what we have to offer you and your dog.

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