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How to Untangled Matted Dog Hair

By Doghaus University, Mar 27 2017 07:37PM

How to Untangled Matted Dog Hair

Alongside that dopey face and friendly disposition, a dog’s smooth coat of fur is among their finest qualities. Unfortunately, while some dogs are naturally predisposed to a constantly smooth coat of fur, others have bad hair days to rival your very worst one. Longer coats have the tendency to easily accumulate tangles and mats which are not only pleasant to your eyes and touch, but feel none too comfortable for the dog either. However, dealing with dog tangles typically rise above the talents of the dog owner, but can be easily dealt with by employing a few dog grooming tricks from the pros.

Treat Mats Before Bath Time

Typically we deal with mats at the same time we deal with other grooming tasks like bathing. However, it is important to always tackle mats and tangles before the bath. The water will just get caught up in the tangles, not only trapping soap and dirt in there, but tightening the mat up and making it harder to untangle. That being said, you shouldn’t go at tangles completely dry either. A little spritz of water or deta

Pre-Treat Tangles

As tangles are such a widespread problem in dogs, almost every single pet store will stock some sort of detangler to aid in your venture. While most products help, if you are in a fix and don’t have any, a little water and cornstarch will have a similar effect.

Have the Right Tools

If you try to go at a mass of mats with your typical dog brush, you are going to cause your dog a lot more pain than you have to. Parting the hair with a rat tail comb and brushing with a pin brush in small sections of a time is the best method. That should do the trick with small to medium-sized mats. However, if your dog is prone to larger mats, it may be best to invest in a specific de-matting brush.

Use those Fingers

Combs are handy and everything, but if you don’t have a lot of skill with them or your dog has a bit of a phobia, your best option is to get your finger in there and pull the mat apart until it can be easily brushed out. However, to avoid pain make sure you are always pulling on the mat and not the fur attached to the skin.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time on One Area

Most dog groomers will follow the rule of ten when grooming a dog. This means that you should only do ten strokes in one area before moving to another. This helps minimize discomfort and will prevent the dog’s skin from becoming irritated. So if you can’t get a particularly difficult mat loose in ten strokes, spritz it with detangler and come back to it later.

When In Doubt, Shave it Out

While you shouldn’t cut out individual tangles without the help of a groomer to make the fur look even, sometimes a dog’s fur can get so bad that it is a lost cause. You see this more often with strays, but sometimes you can miss a mat that just gets insanely out of control if your dog has a lot of fur. In these cases, it would be too painful for the dogs to try to get all the mats out. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to get the clippers out and sheer a dog down. However, sometimes that drastic of a measure might be best left to professional groomers.

If you find your dog’s tangles a little too much work for you or you just need some other grooming services, contact us. Dog Haus University specializes in everything from doggie daycare to doggie bath time.

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