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Getting A Chihuahua To Accept Doggy Daycare

By Doghaus University, May 8 2017 06:04PM

Getting A Chihuahua To Accept Doggy Daycare

You love your weird little chihuahua like a member of the family, but you know how difficult they can be in many situations. Chihuahuas are loving but extremely tense. They can be friendly but also aggressive. They often fit in well with other dogs but try to be the boss.

As a result, trying to get your little friend to fit in at a doggy daycare setting might seem like an impossibility. Thankfully, we're here to say that it's not. We've taken care of plenty of these cute little energetic guys and we know tricky it can be to get them to accept daycare.

That's why we're offering these simple tips for getting your chihuahua ready for daycare. They are simply enough for most dog owners to do on their own but are very effective.

Understanding Their Tension

Before bringing your chihuahua to a doggy daycare center, you need to understand what makes them tense and nervous. There are three main reasons a dog feels anxious and struggles to fit in with others: frustration, boredom, and excessive energy.

A chihuahua is often a very frustrated dog because they are so small and often afraid of their surroundings. They are also easily bored and can act very strange without someone to entertain them.

The most problematic situation with a chihuahua is their pent-up energy. They are very small, but hyper, dogs that often struggle to enjoy cold weather and even hot weather elements.

As a result, they often spend much of their life indoors and feeling trapped. All that excessive energy often translates to anxiety and a difficulty fitting in with other dogs.

Managing These Problems Carefully

Start by assessing your chihuahua's frustration with their surroundings. What causes your Chi to snap out at you or act aggressively? For example, maybe they don't like excessive petting or spending time away from their favorite bed.

These problems need to be carefully understood and managed by using behavior adjustment. Reward them when they behave properly and scold them when they are bad. This adjustment can get them ready to behave properly in a daycare center.

Boredom can be managed by giving your chihuahua something to do. Toys often entertain Chis for hours at a time. The best way to kill their boredom and drain some of their excessive energy is to play with them for at least an hour every day.

Get them to chase a toy or chase them around the house to and burn that anxiety and energy. Doing this before a doggy daycare visit can help make them calmer and ready to face a new situation.

Understand "Small Dog Aggression"

Why is the chihuahua the most likely dog to bite a human or another dog? Fear. The aggression of the chihuahua is what is known as “small dog aggression.” Chihuahuas understand how small they are and seeing large people or dogs looming over them is terrifying. As a result, they often nip or even attack people or other dogs in fear.

That doesn't mean that a chihuahua can't be friendly and sociable. Far from it! By carefully getting your pup used to a daycare center, you can get them ready to stay there regularly. Introduce them to their handlers and the dogs they'll spend time with, and you'll quickly find they are enjoying their stay their more fully.

Get The Help You Need

While you should be able to successfully prepare your chihuahua by following these steps, there's a chance they might resist your help. If your stubborn little pup simply doesn't listen, please don't hesitate to contact us today for some professional dog care help.

We can help get your dog ready for doggy daycare and introduce them to a loving and happy family. They'll appreciate the care you've taken to comfort them and get them used to this environment, and may even stop behaving like little shaky goofballs long enough to enjoy their daycare experience.

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