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Five Ways Professional Grooming Can be Helpful for an Older Dog

By Doghaus University, Aug 6 2017 04:34PM

Five Ways Professional Grooming Can be Helpful for an Older Dog

If your dog is getting older, you might be reluctant to do as much activity with them as you used to in order to keep them from unnecessary stress. One routine stop you should keep up is periodic trips to professional groomers. Routine grooming can be a relief both for your dog and for yourself, with helpful assistance for your dog that you won’t be able to do from home. Here are five ways professional grooming can specifically help out an older dog.

1. Make Grooming Easier for Your Dog

While you might take care of much of your dog’s grooming from home, as they get older, routine care can become harder to keep up with. It might be harder for your pooch to jump into the tub for baths and they might struggle with certain aspects of keeping fur and nails maintained at home. Groomers have equipment designed to make the process that much easier for your older dog. Anything that you can do to make life easier for an older dog is worth it, including professional grooming needs.

2. Catching any Health Concerns

While groomers aren’t a substitute for vet check ups, groomers can inadvertently catch any physical changes or issues from assessments they might make while grooming. Changes in weight, fur loss, and bumps or growths on the skin are all things that groomer might see or feel and report back to owners. An all-over assessment of your dog periodically even in a grooming scenario can help you and your groomer catch any abnormalities indicating an older dog may need to get into the vet for a screening.

3. A Little Help With Sensitive Areas

Dogs need grooming help in general, but this can compound in a dog’s older age. Dogs may be less able to self-groom areas such as paws and under the tail. As dogs age, they might have more trouble with their ears, eyes, teeth, and gums as well. While some issues may require medical treatment, many times periodic professional grooming can keep older dogs from troubles that can come from irritated areas. Sometimes it can be hard to clean delicate areas and your dog might act out by snapping. A professional groomer will have the tools and know-how to get your dog back up to speed without too much agitation.

4. An Extra Helping Hand

If your older dog is heavier or isn’t as agile as they once were, there might be grooming procedures that having two sets of hands available can make a huge difference. You can either be there to steady your dog or leave your pooch in the hands of professionals that can bring in a little extra help while cleaning or bathing. If your dog requires additional assistance when it comes to routine grooming, don’t chance this at home by yourself. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently injure your dog or yourself because you can’t handle your dog’s needs from the aging process on your own.

5. Keeping Routine

Just like people, as dog age, it is important to keep them agile and social. By keeping regular grooming appointments, they will be able to see other people, get out of the house, and also see other dogs. If you have established a relationship with a local groomer, it can be healthy for your dog to be social around others that they know and trust. This will keep them active and curious with the world around them.

Professional grooming can have benefits for dogs of all ages, but when it comes to older dogs, this can directly relate to health-related issues and quality of life. If your older dog needs a little more assistance with grooming or needs additional support, don’t try to keep this up on your own. If you are looking for a professional groomer for your dog, contact us to help your older dog look and feel their best.

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