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Five Lessons Doggy Daycare can Teach Your Puppy

By Doghaus University, Jun 1 2017 02:38PM

Five Lessons Doggy Daycare can Teach Your Puppy

If you have welcomed a new puppy into your home, this can be a fun time for your family and your newest addition. While you might want to be with your puppy all the time, if you work, there might be weekdays where your puppy will either be left at home, or can partake in doggy daycare. Here are five reasons doggy day care can be a true benefit for your puppy when it comes to the lessons they can learn along the way.

1. Learning to Play With Other Dogs

A great thing about dog daycare is the exposure that dogs can get with their peers. Especially for a puppy, younger dogs can learn social cues from other dogs. This can be a great asset for your dog to take with them as they grow up and will have future interactions with other dogs at the beach, the dog park, or on family trips. This can help take away and anxiety or aggression that can form around other dogs if your puppy doesn’t benefit from this exposure.

2. Minding Other People

While you are your dog’s owner, it doesn’t hurt for your pup to be around other people taking the place of an authority figure giving commands. If your puppy is comfortable with basic commands such as sit and come from others, this will make dog sitting easier in the future. This training will better prepare your puppy for other interactions such as the vet’s office or future pet sitters that might need to have control over your dog at one point or another.

3. Time to be Social and Active

Doggy daycare can be more than just a place to keep your dog safe. Ongoing exercise and activities will start your puppy’s life-long health out in the right way. The first few years of your puppy’s life can set the tone when it comes to their activity level and expectations. If they get started on the right foot with a good dose of exercise and stimulation, they will be more active and alert into their older years. If you can do your part during the weekends and evenings and keep up an active lifestyle, your dog will stay more healthy.

4. Lessening Separation Anxiety

Some breeds of dogs are known to become more attached to their owners than other dogs, making it difficult for some pups to be left home alone or with others. Regardless of what type of dog your puppy is, the sooner they are around other people and dogs, the faster they can become at ease with others even if you aren’t around. While you will always be your dog’s favorite, doggy daycare can make them more social and confident if they can trust and be around others when they have to.

5. Learning Tricks and Commands

While most dogs will pick up on simple commands such as come and stay, other dogs might flourish at daycare and learn other games and commands. Some dogs relish in the activity and attention, making their learning curve a fast one. While you can always work on new skills with your puppy when you have time, they might pick up on other skills at doggy daycare from being in a learning environment with skilled professionals and other dogs.

While you might feel guilty going to work while your dog is still a puppy, a great compromise is to get them into doggy daycare. This can offer so much more than just give you peace of mind during the day. Contact us so that your puppy can learn social skills and how to be a good dog. These are building blocks that can set up the rest of your dog’s life, benefiting both for your puppy and your family.

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