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Dog Grooming For Pets That Hate Brushing, Petting

By Doghaus University, May 22 2017 03:05PM

Dog Grooming For Pets That Hate Brushing, Petting

Is your home covered in pet hair because your cat or dog refuses to let you brush them outside? If your pets are biting the brush when you get it out and do not allow you to remove shedding hair, there is some hope. Part of getting to the bottom of the issue is also understanding what experts say about pets that hate grooming. To learn more about the next step beyond trying mitts, scrubbers, curry combs and other deshedding gloves for pets by yourself, keep reading.

Why pets do not like to get groomed

Children with long hair that were groomed by a parent know all too well that if someone else brushes your hair, they inevitably pull too hard. The same is true with pets, and they learn early on that we can make them feel uncomfortable when we groom them with the wrong tools. Pets are intelligent, and they soon start to identify the brush as their enemy. For this reason, if they start to attack the brush before you even start grooming them, consider a few tips to get the pets relaxed.

Getting pets in the right state of mind for grooming

When a pet is irritated or bored, they are less likely to want to be annoyed by a brush. For example, choosing to groom your pet in the hours before they usually go to the bathroom will be less effective. Hungry pets will also be less likely to want to be brushed because their minds are focused on the time you feed them every day. After they go to the bathroom and have a full belly, the next step is to tire them out a little bit. To burn off extra energy with a dog, take a long walk. For cats, having fun with a laser pointer for 30 minutes usually gets them feeling sleepy. As animal whisperer Cesar Milan says, a tired pet is usually a well-behaved pet.

Consequences of not removing excess hair from pets

Unfortunately, not removing excess hair from a pet does more than cause your clothes, furniture and floors to be filled with fur balls. Sadly, in some situations, excess hair can end up being consumed by the pet through their own grooming. These hairballs can end up in the intestinal tract and require surgery to remove. One other major issue is the matted hair causing skin issues because the area under the mat cannot be cleaned. This can also cause unsavory parasites to hatch and the maggots can cause severe damage to the skin of the animal.

Solutions for the pet that bites the brush

Using brushes and other combs might not work for your pet, and they will tell you that this is not the grooming option they prefer. If you feel like you are running out of choices, consider a new take on several old ideas. For example, it is understood that to remove loose hair, a device with bristles needs to be used. In order to keep pets from identifying the object as a potentially threatening brush, gloves are a good disguise. Another objective is to have a grooming tool that does not rip out matted hair when it is encountered. Despite combining all three of these objectives, there will still be some pets that need help from pros.

Do not worry if your pet simply hates being petted or groomed

Although it can seem impossible to believe, there are several scientific studies that have confirmed that some pets feel very stressed out when their owners want to pet or hug them. In cats, not wanting to be petted in certain areas is a sign of poor health. Dogs, on the other hand, can often feel threatened if they feel like they are trapped. This was exemplified in a study published in 2016 that proved most dogs do not like to get hugged. For these reasons, as long as the animal is not in poor health, they could simply be miserable any time they are groomed and need a pro groomer to help with the situation.

Let us help your pet get over their fear of grooming

Are you ready to turn your pet’s grooming experience into something that is enjoyable for everyone? Our number one priority is to help you have the best experience with your pet. We use techniques that are safe to help you assist your pet with being groomed. To get some help grooming your pet, give us a call at Doghaus University today!

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