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Creating A Safe Dog Sitting Experience

By Doghaus University, Apr 11 2017 09:31PM

Creating A Safe Dog Sitting Experience

A good dog sitter has a comfortable and friendly environment in which your pup will feel at home and relaxed. However, simply throwing your dog at the sitter without preparation can create a dangerous situation for both your dog and the sitters. Here's how you can create a safe dog sitting experience for all involved.

Take Your Dog To Meet The Sitter

One problem that dogs often have when being introduced into a pet sitting environment is being left with somebody they don't know well enough to trust. This puts both your pup and your sitter in danger by creating a situation in which your dog may react poorly. That's why it is important to introduce them to the sitter (or other sitters in the company) in advance.

Meet them in a neutral area and let your dog examine them in the typical way. This includes sniffing their hands, rubbing against their legs, and playing with them. A good dog sitter will bond with a dog during this period and learn a lot about their personality. This is crucial for a safe dog sitting experience.

Explore The Sitter's Area And Their Other Animals

After your pup feels comfortable with their sitter, take them to the sitting center. Here you should let your dog explore the area, including the fun play area, and interact with other dogs. They should be leashed during this experience, though, to avoid any chances of conflict. Remember to be confident when letting your dog explore to give them the strength they need to have fun.

Introducing your dog to the center in this way minimizes the type of anxiety and panic that can occur in dogs in this situation. This anxiety and panic are not safe because they can cause the dog to lash out in frustration against its handlers or behave in erratic and difficult ways.

Include Leashes And Muzzles With Their Care Kit

Send a small care kit to the center with your dog, one that includes treats, toys, leashes, and muzzles. The latter two items are very important for situations in which your dog may end up misbehaving. All the best planning in the world can't account for those situations in which a dog's behavior goes wrong. Muzzles and leashes create a safer situation by allowing your sitters to take control of the situation quickly.

A good leash should be able to attach to the dog's collar quickly without much struggle. It should also include a locking mechanism that keeps them from roaming too far. A muzzle should be able to be snapped on quickly and without struggle. Getting one on a panicking or attacking dog can be tricky, so finding an easy-to-use one is necessary for ensuring the safety of your dog and their sitters.

The Importance Of Comfort Items

As mentioned above, a good dog sitting care kit should include toys. Make sure to include toys that you know comfort your dog or remind them of home. These toys are typically those that your dog favors or treats like their "baby." Most dogs have one or two toys that they connect with emotionally in this manner and including them can serve as a calming mechanism for an upset dog.

However, they should only be used when necessary because many dogs will get possessive of these items. This can lead to fights if curious pups in the center try to take a look at or even take their toy. Let the sitter know which of these toys is a "comfort" item so that they know when to use them properly.

By following these simple steps, you create a fun environment for your dog and let your sitters work with him successfully. Your dog will actually look forward to visiting their friends at the sitters and will come home with a big sloppy grin on their face. To learn more about the benefits of dog sitting or other topics like this, please contact us today to learn more.

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