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4 Easy Ways to Know You Have Picked The Perfect Pet Sitter

By Doghaus University, May 15 2017 02:09PM

4 Easy Ways to Know You Have Picked The Perfect Pet Sitter

Leaving your beloved cat or dog, the furry friend who has become a very important part of your family, with a stranger is no small matter. Understandably, if you are like most pet moms or dads, you'll find it quite difficult to leave your pet with someone else for a few days, especially if this is your first time doing it. But when you can know for sure that you have left your pet in the hands of someone truly exceptional, it definitely helps you have greater peace of mind. So how can you be sure you do have the best pet sitter for your pet? In this post, we will take a look at four ways you can know that you found the right sitter for your cat or dog.

They Are Passionate About Animals: Dogs are delightfully weird, wacky, playful creatures that we truly are blessed to have as our friends and pets. If you are going to leave your lovable furry friend with a stranger, you obviously want to know without a shadow of a doubt that that person is a true dog lover. It shouldn't just be someone who pet sits because that's their job and they are looking to make a few extra bucks. It needs to be someone who you can tell very easily loves animals and caring for them. When your pet first meets the person, observe their interaction? Is your dog receptive to the person? Does your dog seem to take an immediate liking to them? And does that person seem like a warm, caring, and empathetic individual? These are good signs that this is a person who is passionate about animals.

They Are Educated: While a pet sitter clearly isn't the same as a veterinarian and doesn't need the same kind of education, the pet sitter still needs to have a pretty impressive knowledge of animals. Do they have some pet-sitting training and experience? Do they know about the different animal breeds and their needs? And are they prepared to handle emergency situations? Don't be afraid to ask the pet sitter about their experience with animals, their training, and any credentials they have.

The Environment They Provide is Right For Your Pet: Unfortunately, some pet sitters and doggie day care centers do not provide the sort of warm, safe environment needed for your pet to be happy. When you visit the environment that the pet sitter is providing, take note of everything you see. Is the area clean and well-organized? Do other pets there seem content and well taken care of? Is there plenty of room for your pet to get some outdoor exercise, play, and be walked? When you visit the center where your pet may be staying for a few days, it is a good idea to bring them along with you so they too can get a sense of whether or not it is the right environment for them.

You (And Your Pet) Can Trust Them: Trust is the most fundamentally important part of any relationship, including the relationship between your pet and the person who will be watching them. The pet sitter should be able to prove that they have a secure facility for your pet that will keep them protected and will ensure they can't run away. You'll want to ask the pet sitter if they have a plan in place should your pet get anxious while they are away from you. Ask the pet sitter what they will do in this situation and what their protocol is.

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