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3 Things You Should Expect For Your Nervous Pup

By Doghaus University, Jun 12 2017 08:24PM

3 Things You Should Expect For Your Nervous Pup

It isn't uncommon for many dogs to be prone to a bit of anxiety or nervousness, especially when they are placed in a new environment, enjoy spending most of their time at home with their dog mom or dad, or are sensitive to their surroundings, noise, and other pets. However, being a dog mom or dad to a nervous pup doesn't mean it will be impossible to find a day care solution. In fact, there are plenty of things that can be done to soothe your dog's anxiety and ensure that they are not only calm, but genuinely enjoy their stay at day care. In this post, we will take a look at the top three things you should expect from a day care center and pet professional when you have a nervous pup.

A Wide Range of Soothing Techniques Readily Available: When a pet professional works at or operates a day care center, it is part of their job requirements to be highly knowledgeable on the subject of not just caring for dogs, but comforting them too. So when a dog is noticeably upset, nervous, or anxious, a caring pet professional will know exactly what they need to do and will immediately jump into action. Although the first soothing technique might not work right away or work at all, there are several more methods that will be used until the right one is found to soothe your nervous pup. Whether it is playing classical music, distracting the dog with toys, or grooming him or her, everything will be tried to help calm your furry friend until they are content again.

The Ability to Notice Triggers And Causes of Anxiety: When a young puppy, middle-aged dog, or even an older canine begins to get noticeably uncomfortable, the right pet care professionals will not only know what to do to minimize their anxiety, but will also pay attention to what could be causing it. After all, when the trigger is identified, it can be addressed or removed so that it won't continue to aggravate your furry friend. The best pet care professionals have to be patient, understanding, and intuitive as all of these characteristics are needed to "diagnose" the cause behind the anxiety. If the anxiety is caused by loud noise, the day care center will make sure to reduce noise around your dog as much as possible. If it is because of separation anxiety, one of the staff members will ease their nervousness and stay with them until they feel comfortable and safe again. Preventative measures will be put in place to reduce or completely resolve any nervousness your dog experiences in order to provide them with a more enjoyable day care experience.

A Watchful Eye: Tracking a dog's anxiety or nervousness is also a part of a the pet care professional's job description. If multiple measures have been taken and your lovable fur baby is still uncomfortable, they may recommend that you take your pup to a veterinarian for a comprehensive examination. If the dog's nervousness seems to get better or goes away completely, those measures will be put in place to permanently keep the anxiety away. It would be lazy and irresponsible of a pet care professional to simply do the easiest thing to quell a dog's anxiety. Part of the entire process is ensuring that the anxiety and nervousness stays away for good and your furry friend can be happy when they are in the care of pet care professionals.

Looking for more information on what you should expect from a pet care professional to address puppy anxiety? Don't hesitate to contact us for any advice you need or questions you may have.

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